The 12th MSM'2016 will take place in Białystok. With its population of over 300,000 inhabitants, Białystok is the biggest city in the north  eastern Poland as well as the educational and economic centre of the region called “the Green Lungs of Poland”. The city is spread out, with numerous parks, forests, and squares. The specific cultural climate of Bialystok is mainly due to the centuries old multinational and multi-religious tradition. The whole region is dotted with Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim and Jewish temples. The attendees of the MSM'2016 will have an opportunity to visit the most important Bialystok tourists attractions such as the Branicki's Palace, the Equerry's House from the 18th century, the City Hall, the modern Philharmonic Hall and sacral buildings, such as the neo-gothic cathedral of the Holy Virgin Mary, the 19th century Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.  For more information about the city and the region please visit and