Similarly to the MSM’2012, the attendees of the MSM’2016 are intended to take part in one of two excursions.


The Biebrza river valley: 

The route goes through the Biebrza river valley which is known for its Europe's largest peat bogs and habitats for elks. It is a home to wolves, beavers and otters. The valley, with the unique variety of plants, birds and animals is a part of the Biebrza National Park, which is the largest national park in Poland. 

The attendees of the MSM’2016 will walk on educational paths, climb watchtowers and observation platforms to admire beatiful Biebrza riverbed and nearby woodlands. In the Osowiec Fortress they will have an opportunity to visit mighty forts and unique underground passages. The Fortress located in the difficult to access Biebrza marches was erected in the 19th century by the Russian Tsar for defence againt the Germans. For more information please visit or


Folk handicraft of the Podlasie region: 

The route goes through unique handicraft workplaces spread out in the Knyszynska Forest. The attendees of the MSM’2016 will visit blacksmith's, potter's, spoon maker's and weaver's workshops and get acquainted with traditional, generations old rules of crafting products from clay, wood or metal. They will have an opportunity to try their hands and make an original steel rose or a clay cup. Next a traditional pickling cabbage contest will be held.  Those who pass the exam in pickling will be rewarded with delicacies of regional cuisine and original hop beer brewed at the traditional home brewery. For more information please visit


Both excursions will finish with a dinner at the ship cruise on the Augustow lakes.