Poland country

Poland (The Republic of Poland) is located in the centre of Europe. To the west, Poland has a border with Germany, to the south with the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the east and north-east with Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. 

By the 1st of May 2004, Poland has becomes the member of the European Union. Polish border on the Bug river has become the east boarder of the European Community.

The capital of Poland is Warsaw.


Money and exchange of currency

The Polish obligatory currency is the polish zloty “zł” (PLN). On the market there are banknotes with nominals: 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 PLN, and coins: 1, 2 and 5 PLN, and also 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 gr. The grosz “gr” is one hundreth of zloty.

The currency exchange rates are given by the daily newspapers, internet portals and banks. Information about currency exchange rates, also these from the past days are available on the web page of The National Bank of Poland: www.nbp.pl, available in Polish and English.

Now (2016-05-13):

1 euro (EUR) @ 4,43 zloty (PLN)
1 dollar (USD) @ 3,89 zloty (PLN)
1 franc (CHF) @ 4,01 zloty (PLN)
1 pound (GBP) @ 5,61 zloty (PLN)

More practical information you can find on the poland.com website.


Bialystok – the place of the Conference MSM 2016

Bialystok is the city located in the north-eastern Poland, in the distance of 180 km from Warsaw. Bialystok serves the function of the capital of Podlaskie province, has a population of almost 300 thousand. It is the administrative, economic, and academic centre of the region which, due to its exceptional environmental assets, has been termed the Green Lungs of Poland.

Getting to Bialystok

The nearest international airport is in Warsaw – Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport.

Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport is located in the south-western part of Warsaw, 10 km from the city centre. It is easy to get to the city centre by car, MZA city buses, taxi, "Polski Express" coaches or using hotel shuttle bus services. More information you can find on the airport website (http://www.lotnisko-chopina.pl/en/public-transport.html)

To Bialystok you can go by car, train or coach.

Traveling by car: Journey between Warsaw and Bialystok by car takes about 3,5 hours. You must take the S8 road.

Traveling by train: There is a good railway connection between Warsaw and Bialystok. It takes about 2,5 hours to get from Warsaw (“Warszawa Centralna” railway station) to Bialystok (“Białystok” railway station). Railway station in Bialystok is in the very centre of the city. The trains go to and from Bialystok every 2 hours. Now a single ticket from Warsaw to Bialystok costs: in first class – 62,00 PLN, in the second class – 30,00 PLN. More information and train timetable you can find on the railway website (e.g http://rozklad-pkp.pl/en).

Traveling by coach: To Bialystok run many coach services. There are: the government service (PKS), private bus companies (e.g. Podlasie Express, Polski Bus). Most of the coach trips are being handled by the first coach station – PKS station (8 Bohaterów Monte Casino Str.). From here coaches leave to Warsaw and international coaches leave to the cites of Eastern Europe (such as Minsk, Grodno, Vilnius ) and Western Europe (such as Brussels, Naples, Rome).

The second coach station is nearby. There is “Biacomex” coach station (6 Bohaterów Monte Casino Str.), from which coaches of private companies leave to the cites of Western Europe (Naples, London, Stuttgart, Bremen haven, Brussels, Athens, Paris) and to Belarus (Grodno, Minsk), Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas) and Latvia (Riga).

Now a single ticket from the coach station in the centre of Warsaw to Bialystok costs about 25 zloty (PLN).

We suggest you to take the Podlasie Express coach which goes directly from the Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport to Bialystok.

More information about bus ticekts and car rental you can find on the e-podroznik website (http://en.e-podroznik.pl/public/seoIndexBBPage.do?aaa=2&bbb=42598&ccc=54041)


BUS (operator: Podlasie Express)
BUS (operator: PKS Expres)
TRAIN (operator: diversified)

Bialystok University of Technology
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
45C Wiejska Str.
15-351 Bialystok
Tel. +48 85 746 92 04

Public transport in Bialystok are buses and taxi services.

From the railway station (Kolejowa Str.) to the University of Technology (Wiejska Str.) and the University of Technology Students' Hostel (Zwierzyniecka Str.) goes a no. 10 bus (9 stops) and from the coach stations (Bohaterów Monte Casino Str.) a no. 19 bus (3 stops). Buses run every 15 minutes from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The fare for bus is 2,80 zloty (PLN). A bus ticket you can buy in newspaper stands. It is valid only for one journey.
Taxi costs approximately 10-15 zloty (PLN).

We suggest you to take a taxi to go from Bialystok railway or coach station to your hotel.